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Most other services say they sell "real users" to do commenting, even though it is impossible at the moment. We have not preformed any sort of miracle, we just spent the time developing the API, robots, functions and techniques to extract and engage real users. We also have enhanced the user data by doing overlays with other databases we maintain. This allows us to offer services others just can't...

For most of our services delivery starts 1-48 hours, if not stated otherwise in the product description. Also please note while ordering any product and/or service there will be an estimated time posted. As we limit the amounts per day per service and delivery times can fluctuate based on demand...
No. We only need a link to your post or profile to perform our services or server login details if we are doing a custom installation for you.

No, we don't offer a free trial at the moment. As we have allowed for a minimal cost per order so you can test before committing to a larger order. As far as free samples, we do not offer this. But can offer screen shots so you can see the data and/or plugins are real. In the past when we offered free samples, to many people abused it and we do not want to rotate through the data for free just have it burnt out. 

We currently accept cryptocurrency payments through coinpayments.net (which accepts 55+ currencies, including debit and credit cards for exchanges) or directly to our Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) wallets. At checkout you can choose the option that works best for you.

Since we offer products and services for inviting, commenting, and engaging with Telegram Group Users and even though we respect the limits set by Telegram. We still need to keep a low profile so our accounts used to access the groups do not get banned or blocked.
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