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Everything is automated, forget doing anything manually. Simply choose the what you wish to give a boost!
Here at TelegramBlaster.com we are team of ninja developers & experience marketers who understand what it takes to scale marketing campaigns for any business, product or service.
We provide several marketing solutions, products & services to small, medium & enterprise businesses who want to apply, leverage and cultivate the power of Telegram as a communication medium to reach their prospects, customers & clients.
During the past two years of existence we have produced several tools, mainly web-based & desktop-based chrome extension plugins that not only allow you to scale your campaigns to 1000's but millions of active Telegram users.
We have an experienced, secure, talented team of people who are proficient in handling the technical & marketing side of the business.
We also provide Bulk Marketing Services along with providing custom products and services upon request.
Our team always believes in going steps further then what our customers & clients expect from us and we make sure that we don’t sleep till the time you get what you pay for & even better. That’s the only reason why our company has been able to excel in short period and have seen rapid growth, which has created long lasting business relationships, sustainable & beneficial strategic partnerships with all our clients, resellers, and their customers, help us build cutting edge products which has continued to keep our clients excited to use our systems, lists, tools, software & services again and again.
We believe our ultimate goal for each of our client is to make them more money, grow their business, increase their income & profits so they continue buying our products & services and keep coming back to us again and again for future business.

During our initial days of bringing out our first services and products. We got so many clients contacting us, thanking us, telling us how we can improve our products even further, told us about our competitors & how we have been different handling their problems & providing them with robust & scalable solutions.
That’s when we realized their are so many developers in the market who have developed similar products & services like ours around the ICO industry. There was a mini-industry which was growing in the marketing space. But, none of these developers had the thought of actually building an amazing product. That’s where the missing spot was, we knew in order to be the best we have to spend endless days and nights creating the most amazing products & services ever invented in our space. We started working even harder, we started asking questions to our clients, they helped us build better products and again and again we have continued to do so till date.
When our competitors were not able to provide future update according to Telegram changes, our time didn’t go home because we spent days and nights at office working on new updates for our clients. And when we were ready and provided the updates to our clients. The special notes, gestures and gifts received by our clients made us feel special.
That’s what has made our company exceed our clients expectation. Which for us has been PRICELESS.
We have decided to be different & unique. Always, cutting edge, updated, to the next level, going beyond the normal norms, be more innovative & creative.
It becomes our fiduciary responsibility to make sure every one of our client is able to utilise Telegram as a marketing tool in their arsenal of marketing strategies. They never have to go through endless frustration of finding a sub-par product or service & just focus on scaling their numbers & increasing more profits.
Our team is hard-working, honest, truthful & sometimes blunt.
We hope you take a good faith in yourself & us and provide us the chance to help you get started with Telegram marketing.
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